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Holistic treatments now scientific truths 

I published my article in a well-known journal (Allied Academies):

1. Holistic treatments and medical science | is natural medicine scientifically proven?
2. What is Ayurveda? Facts About Ayurveda Medicine.

The main theme of this website is Ayurveda and its

triangle vata Pitta and Kapha and diet matters. I feel that I am an Ayurvedic consultant precisely because of my long life and 40 years of interdisciplinary experience. After all, Ayur veda will come from the words "life" and "knowledge." The difference between the modes of action of synthetic medicines in official medicine and natural medicines is huge. A pill prescribed by a doctor only corrects the symptoms of the ailments, while an Ayurvedic "medicine" eliminates the problem or cause at the beginning of the disease. Experiential treatment is usually better also in disease prevention. Of course, training is needed on both sides: Alternative practitioners should be aware of the side effects of natural substances, and it is good for a doctor to know more than what pharmaceutical companies say.

The overarching concept that describes the all-encompassing site is alternative medicine

and the education and experience themes that come up in a variety of ways in this regard. The concept of alternative medicine is, in fact, an ugly word born of official medicine, which the resentment produced by organic caregivers is patched up by calling their own treatments experiential treatments. It is true that many experiential treatments have so far been devoid of scientific evidence. Thanks to me, a long leap forward has now been taken in the scientific verification of experiential therapies, thanks to Vedapulse measurements. More on the vedapulse in my article. 

Until now, alternative therapies have only been proven by statistical studies

However, a proper display always requires a physical explanation, i.e. a mechanism, in addition to statistics. In my study, both criteria are met. The physical explanation is given by the ECG, a measure of the electrical activity of the heart that has become familiar from hospitals. The study measured both the vata-Pitta-Kapha profiles and the electrical activity of the heart at the frequency level AND the traditional Indian way for 1800 subjects. A clear connection was found between the vpk profiles obtained by different measurement methods of the subjects.

Bringing my case to the video briefly and concisely wakes up the rest of the scientific thinkers about it 

The process of creation and its connections to diseases

Creation consists of an intangible and unmanifested field of consciousness and the living and inanimate matter manifested on it. Both healthy and diseased biology originate from this field of consciousness step by step. For example, cancer is the result of a long "development process." Alternative therapies bite into the initial core of the disease, the field of consciousness, correcting the problem at an early stage. Pills in official medicine only begin to repair cancer in the late stages of development.

What is the doctor afraid of?

Throughout my long life, I have had to resort to an official medical doctor often. The encounter appears to be traumatic on both sides. Many doctors retreat after hearing about my meditation hobby. I guess the doctor has been intimidated by something or somehow, even though the official guideline of the Medical Association is to stay neutral. 

(Note, the text was written in places by a Finnish fan, but not by a friend who speaks Finnish)