Chakra Therapy - Everything You need to Know About

Written by a guest journalist

1Forewords before any chakra therapy training 

If you have ever taken meditation or yoga class, had an energy healing session, or just watched videos about those subjects, you have no doubt heard about the chakra therapy and the roles it plays in the flow of energy in our body.

You might also learn that it is vital to keep your chakras unblocked or open. But what exactly are chakras therapies and how do they affect our emotional and physical well-being? In this blog, we'll take a close look at the main chakras.

We will also assist explain the impact these energy chakras and mantras might have on your body and mind, and opening blocked chakras to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

healing your chakras is easy and important health activity
healing your chakras is easy and important health activity

2. What are chakras in the body?

In the Sanskrit language, the word chakra means wheel or disk and refers to the energy centers in our body. These disks or wheels of spinning energy each correspond to certain major organs and nerve bundles.

To function at their best, your chakras and colours need to stay unblocked or balanced. If they get blocked or unbalanced, you might experience emotional or physical signs related to the particular chakra.

There're 7 main chakras that run along our spine. They start at the base or root, of your spine and extended to the crown of your head. That said, a few people believe you've at least 110+ different chakras in our body.

These chakras are most often referred to the 7 main ones that will explore deeply below:

  • Root Chakra - Sit at the root of your tailbone or spine. Physical imbalances marked themselves as issues in the tailbone, legs, immune system, rectum, prostate gland, and male reproductive parts. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as healing affecting the basic survival requirements, shelter, money and food, and the capability to give life's necessities.
  • Sacral Chakra - 2" below your navel. Physical imbalances marked themselves as reproductive and sexual problems, kidney infections, urinary issues, lower back pain, and hip pelvic. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as fear of commitment to expressing emotions, relationships, betrayal, fears of impotence, and addictions.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - 3" above novel. Physical imbalances marked themselves as live dysfunction, digestive issues, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, diabetes, colon problems, and stomach ulcers. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as problems of self-esteem and personal power.
  • Heart Chakra - At the heat! Physical imbalances marked themselves as heart problems, asthma, issues with breasts, lung problems, upper back and shoulder problems, and lymphatic systems. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as abandonment, jealousy, fear of loneliness, bitterness, and anger.
  • Throat Chakra - At the throat! Physical imbalance marked themselves as sore throats, thyroid issues, ear infections, laryngitis, and shoulder and neck pain. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as willpower, fear of communication, and being out of control.
  • Third eye chakra - In the center of the eyebrows. Physical imbalances marked themselves as blurred vision, headache, seizures, sinus problems hormonal imbalance, and hearing loss. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as volatility, moodiness, and self-reflection.
  • Crown Chakra - Top of the head. Physical imbalances marked themselves as the inability to learn, depression, sensitivity to sound and light, and the environment. Emotional imbalances marked themselves as prejudice, confusion, and self-doubt.

3. What to do if a chakra is unbalanced and blocked?

According to a therapeutic specialist, says she prefers to consider chakra therapy as out of balance vs. blocked. There can be a depletion of energy flowing or high energetic activity in a chakra - any will mark into various results.

When your chakra is low in energy, you will have difficulty expressing the particular abilities associated with that chakra therapy. When it's overactive, she said, the qualities are a dominant force in the person's life.

This can have both emotional and physical effects. For instance, the 1st chakra is about survival and security and the foundation of your life. If it is underactive, it can show up as insecurity and depression. If there is not much energy, it can show up as fearless without hoarding or precaution because you want more to feel secure.

4. Can a blocked or imbalanced chakra affect your health?

In general, the location of the chakra that is out of balance might affect the part of your body in close spot to that chakra, according to a therapeutic therapist. This includes your bones, yoga, and tissues near that area.

Psychologically, imbalances in the chakras therapy might cause an emotional imbalance. This might lead to increased sadness, anger, or inductiveness.

It is vital to pay close attention to both physiological and psychological sensations because they can inform everyone and uncover the root cause of their experience. Experiencing high stress - mentally or physically - might cause 1 or more chakras to be out of balance or blocked.

Personal habits such as poor posture or physical alignment, consuming an unhealthy meal, or self-destructive behavior might cause charka to be imbalanced. She also said that prolonged imbalance might lead to chakras and diseases, musculoskeletal problems, and mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.

5 .How can you unblock your chakra?

An ideal way to promote balance in a chakra is to create alignment in your physical body through:

  • Breathing practices to encourage the energy flow
  • Yoga postures
  • Chakra specific mantra meditation to bring about mind clarity and heal the particular chakra at the same time. Available in Youtube for example

6. Which chakra needs healing ? plus yoga poses

Generally speaking it is good to heal that chakra, which is situated in the sick body part. For example mouth and throat diseases are in the area of throat chakra.. Every chakra has a yoga pose that might assist fine-tune its energy. Here're a few poses that might assist unblock any of your 7 chakras.

6.1. Root chakra

It is the base chakra and reflects your root. Any balancing pose or tree poses like warrior or Mountain is wonderful for establishing a solid relationship with your body's foundation.

6.2. Sacral chakra

It's associated with the reproductive area and is responsible for sensuality and creativity. She says poses that strengthen your pelvic floors, where it resides, such as deep hip openers or bridge pose, like lizard or pigeon pose, are wonderful for strengthening your sacral chakra.

6.3. Solar plexus chakra

It's all about your inner fire and resides around your core. That is why core strengthening poses, such as Triangle or boat, are wonderful for firing up your abs and making more balance in the Solar Plexus Chakra.

6.4. Heart chakra

The heart chakra is the integration point among the lower chakras as well as higher chakras. It seriously reflects our ability to open ourselves up to deeper links with others. To balance this, she recommends heart openers, such as Wheel or Camel Pose. She also, recommends Humble Warrior and Cow Face Pose, which help open shoulders, chest, and arms so you can fully embrace others.

6.5 Throat chakra

It is your communication center. According to therapeutic specialists, fish and plow are wonderful poses to open up your throat chakra. Both assists open up the front sides and back of your neck, where it resides.

6.6 Third eye chakra

It rules your ability to invite a new reality into your life by dreaming up various possibilities. She recommends poses that involve getting your upper body intimately linked with your lower body. According to a therapeutic specialist, poses such as Folded Eagle or Forward Fold are wonderful for the 3rd eye. In these poses, our higher self, managed by upper bodies, establishes a link with our more rooted parts of bodies, and legs, so that we can manifest a dream info physical reality.

6.7. Crown chakra

It rules your connection to your higher self. That is why she recommends the pose that comes after any yoga poses - The corpse pose or Savasana pose. This pose helps strengthen your crown chakra by linking you with your eternal self - your soul and reminding you where you came from and where you will go.

7. It is good for emotional and physical well-being

Chakra therapy is used for holistic healing as well as self-awareness. Healing transforms negative energy into beneficial energy and as time passes; it also helps the physical and mental well-being of the individual.

The problems get resolved at a fast speed but we're also clear that they work hand-in-hand with usual medications. That's the main reason we take every medical detail and then plan our therapy since chakra healing is an add-on healing procedure.

While we take care of every physical aspect of the chakra, we touch base on every chakra by using various therapies to go through the basic case and then find the core reasons. So, it separately takes care of both the problems since every chakra resonates with a particular emotional factor.

8. Takeaway...

Chakras are referring to several energy centers in our body that correspond to nerve bundles & internal organs. The seven major chakras in body run from the base of our spine to the top of our head. If these energy centers or imbalanced or blocked, you might experience emotional or physical symptoms related to a particular chakra.

One way you might be able to balance or unblock your chakras is by doing many yoga poses. Specific breathing workouts and Chakra therapies might also help. If you're not certain where to start or just wish to know more about your chakras and how they might affect you, just consider working with a professional therapist, who knows the right way, and what to do with your problem.