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a short copy of this blog was published in the Journal of bacteriology and infectous diseases 2020 . M.Sc. Kari Nokela

 Maharishi ayurveda diet pacifies dosha and ama problems
Maharishi ayurveda diet pacifies dosha and ama problems

1. Foreword from the perspective of a scientist

Ayurveda is the world's oldest prepared health care system, originated from India, positioned into written shape thousands of years ago. The basic philosophy , "translated" into present day  language is "Both matter (=body) and mind are born from non-material Unified field of consciousness. A healthy person has a stability between mind and body and this stability is reflected into the functioning of the coronary heart". By studying the heart almost all health  problems can be found out.  Key phrases are "be happy", "be simple", "take it easy" and "be balanced". If you are unhappy or pressured, that could be a consequence of unbalances or unwanted bodily substances  someplace in your mind-body system.

1.1 Definitions ("ayur" means life and "veda" means knowledge)

What is Maharishi ayurveda or what means vpk by Maharishi ayurveda ? The latter concept covers only body type related diet issues. But Maharishi ayurveda itself (and also the synonyme ayurveda by maharishi ) has about40 individual areas. The most common are dietary advice, yoga, meditation, and Vedic music . What is the difference between Maharishi's and "everyday"  medicine ? Well, properly tm-movement Ayurveda has wonderful emphasis on scientific research and current product checking out techniques. (Word maharishi always means, that activity is organized by tm movement.) Actually also "ordinary" ayurveda has specific branches . How about integrative ayurveda ? Well, it is a common name for all those branches, which teach Ayurveda to modern medicine  doctors . Maharishi integrative ayurveda means approximately the same, but is organized by tm movement .(  I know this, because I took Maharishi integrative ayurveda online course myself ).

Maharishi Vedic Medicine and Maharishi Ayurveda are very close to each other: MVM is perhaps for more powerful herbal preparations and MA is for more common preparations for more common people.

And in the ayurveda perspectice words health and wellness mean the same.

This article does not constitute any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment .

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3. Ama , signs, symptoms and diet

Improper digestion leaves part of the food mass unmelted. This substance is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream and all channels of the body causing diseases. This Ayurvedic ama has two types:: large molecules and free radicals. Excessive ama causes e.g. long-lasting unexplained tiredness, poor "posture",  white discharge on the tongue at morning. The problem is managed by normalizing digestion, which stops the production of ama (There are also special detox courses like Panchakarma, but you have to go to health center for that.) Even some of modern medicine doctors say, that 80% of diseases are related to digestion. Therefore, they are caused by problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Digestion based problems are relatively easy to cure. In many cases it is sufficient to follow 2 simple rules: 1) Do not drink or eat cold. The  cold stops digestion and starts accumulating ama. 2) Do not eat anything difficult to digest. This is so logical that it needs no further explanation. Also, many raw foods are not good for the digestive system. 

I would like to add that the digestive fire or Agni varies greatly from person to person. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that have just been cooked. Leftovers aren't that good. Too many processed or junk foods are also bad, because they are not fresh. They increase the ama. 

The amount and harmful effects of environmental toxins are usually very small compared to food based  toxins.

4. vpk ayurveda test

3 mind-body operators or body types or doshas dominate the body's functions. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata governs all, that moves or changes like the nervous system for example. Pitta governs digestion and metabolism. Kapha governs tissue formation. If any of these body types is disturbed, diseases will follow. Usually one of the three is dominant in every human being. Some have up to 2 or 3 abnormally strong.. Vata problem makes either for example as an exaggerated whooper whistle or as fullthrobbing thoughts that get out there and here.  Pitta dosha problem makes for example aggressive career missile. Kapha's problem makes for example deeply paralyzed overweight. Body type problems are mainly treated by eating diet that lowers the particular dosha. (People use sometimes word vpk instead of the names of three body types.) 

4.1 How to pacify the doshas ?

Veda knows of 6 extraordinary simple tastes for foods (such as sweety , pungent like bean ,  bitter like chili , etc..), . and also 6 basic qualities ( such as light like an apple , heavy like junk food etc.. ). . Each of them have their very own function effect on every dosha. For instance vata should choose sweet flavor, but kapha needs to keep away from candy. That is so, because sweet continually relaxes vata man or woman, however kapha does not need greater rest. On the contrary, kapha gets overweight without problems while ingesting sweet.

Thus, vpk ( or body type) problems are mainly treated by eating foods or natural remedies that lower a certain dosha. For example, a good vata pacifying diet includes e.g. soothing and warming foods because the basic properties of Vata are cold and stress. Soothing are e.g. sweet and greasy or oily foods and the warmth of the food gets ginger. A good Pitta diet includes e.g. sweet and greasy or oily foods, but NOT strong spices (not even a lot of ginger). Pittan should eat a gentle stomach. A good Kapha diet does NOT contain sweet or greasy or oily. Kaphan is good to eat even hot spices like ginger and black pepper.

There are also other measures to stabilize doshas, than meals based totally. As an example daily routines must help stressless lifestyles. Vata persons go through particularly from lot of strain and consequently vatas need to have food and different crucial every day happenings constantly on the equal time.

4.2 To be precise

Each dosha can usually be present in at least 4 stages 1) normal and not disturbed 2) overdominant, but not disturbed. 3) overdominant and disturbed at the same time. 4) Not dominant, but still disturbed. ( a real ayurvedic  specialist knows even more stages). For example, if pitta is overbearing (=overdominant) but not disturbed, a person becomes a successful career "missile". However, if his/her pitta gets disturbed (while being overdominant), the consequence is a non-succesfull, quarrelsome, overperfectionist, who complains and even accuses other people about every disappointment in his life. 

4.3 the ancient method


 of assessing levels and disturbances in vpk states is to have the pulse read by an ayur specialist by gently touching the client's wrist with 3 fingers and measuring the pressure under each finger. Vpk issues are mostly offset by consuming appropriate foods that balance that particular dosha. This is where the flowers (=tastes) of food become important. For example, due to the special taste of apple, an apple is good for lifting the mood of a sad person.  Salt in food can also be good for balancing Vata problems, because salt simply tastes salty. Many obese people have to limit dairy products,  because milk produces mucus and increases kapha too much.  An  alternative to the pulse reading test is the questionnaire. Discover the right body type by answering a multiple choise quiz. Nowadays almost all Ayur site owners offer such a test.

4.4 Shortly about herbal preparations

Arya Vedic medicine is specialized in thousands of herbs to heal at least hundreds of  specific sicknesses. There are  tablets with only one herb included. But especially  Maharishi organization produces combined tablets, in which one herb works as the actual healer and other herbs nullify the harmful side effects .  

5. My message - Ama away 

To the whole world is, that health care practitioners should start treating a new patient with normalizing digestion . Other measures like dietary supplements or herbal preparations or body type based treatments should come after ama has been taken away. WHY? Learn the next chapter.

5.1 Learning Vedic knowledge can be compared to going to school

There are easy basic things and then difficult "high school" things. It is ideal to learn things in a certain order, just like in school. First graders learn first to read and count. The sixth grade is already practicing equations, the mere existence of which would be quite a mystery and a wonder to the first grade.  Maharishi Ayurveda is my learning system. It is "tailored" to the needs of Western "hurricanes". In my training, first-graders were told to remove ama.

5.2 Of course the strongest ones, 20% can skip the first class


They an go straight to the upper grades if they have very healthy digestion . REMOVING ama IS EASY AND THEREFORE FITS EVERYONE. There is no need for an Indian lifestyle to remove it. In fact, for an Ayurvedic school student, the Indian lifestyle is only about a high school issue. Practice shows that the word India alone expels 30% of potential customers and the word "Indian way of life" drives the other 30%.  Generally speaking, nobody wants to change their lifestyle. Everybody just wants those benefits. 

6.  Balance theory

 The stability (=balance) of man is regulated by means of several hundreds of mechanisms. For example, if blood pressure drops, the mechanism starts to raise it and vice versa. Vedic techniques restore the functioning of the mechanisms and bring about a balance inside the entire body. All true Ayurveda remedies normalize the stability mechanisms. As an instance a beginning yoga practitioner should no longer go too rapid into hard positions or asanas. The "extremes" in yoga are "no longer going ahead at all" and "going forward with maximum pace". And a jogger ought to run with 1/2 pace, due to the fact the two extremes in running are zero pace and complete speed

7. Areas of health by Doctor Rothenberg usa

• Physical wellness

• Mental wellness  (The working area of psychiatrists for example)

• Spiritual health (the area of meditation for example)

• Social wellness (human relationships mostly)

• Environmental wellness (toxicity in body, living conditions and surroundings etc..)

• The Guidance of Supreme (the way you don't want to scream it to all other people !)

7. 1. A short blog - In ayurvedic circles there are many advicors


You've probably heard stories of families where each family member has their own different food intake according to body types, etc. Many people use enormous amounts of nerve energy and time to follow all kinds of specialities . In my opinion, the instructions should be set in order of priority and ease. Whenever it becomes stressful, it tells the wrong thing about past attempts. The social dimension must also be remembered. Many are so excited that they start telling their friends what specialty food to use. Well, no one dares to invite this person to visit, when the hostess desperately thinks, "What can it offer now when it's a special diet ?"

8. The history of Indian health care system

 It is a thousands of years old doctrine on organic holistic health care and disease prevention. Nobody knows how long ago this information was created, but 5000 years ago it was recorded on paper (or similar writing instruments) in India. The first and greatest setback for Veda tradition came during British colonial rule. British hosts cruelly and systematically tried to root out old doctrine from India and replace it with their own medical doctrines.

8.1 Knowledge remained

 in its best form in some of the families who had lived in isolation. The information was mostly handed down from father to son because colonists prevented any other flow of information. It can be said that even in modern India, the learning and knowledge is very diverse and of varying degrees. Quite a few "clinics" work so poorly that a Western tourist who becomes a client gets out of treatment as sick as when they go there. In recent years, quality certifications have been developed to help the tourist choose the best treatment possible. Maharishi clinics get usually top certifications.

9. Relaxation techniques - part of Vedic wholeness

Most relaxation techniques work hardly at all. The degree of relaxation is the same as if you were sitting with your eyes closed. In particular, concentration techniques will, in the long run, only create headaches and vata problems. And imaginative trips to the shores of some serene lake, etc., do not work for me at least. My experience is limited to two Warranty technologies. a)  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 's Transcendental Meditation , or TM, is a deep dive that, according to advertisements, develops all aspects of the human being, but in my experience, the effect of TM is very limited with heart and emotions. (so in my experience). b) In my experience, the effect of pulse relaxation hits exactly where the TM does not reach, that is, the heart and emotions. ( Pulse relaxation means sensing gently the 3 dosha points of the wrist without analyzing anything over 5-15 minutes) .In my experience, the two techniques are COMPLEMENTARY and the result is super! And remember, relaxation is the MOST important aspect of all veda treatments. It needs to be learned before one can concentrate properly on, for example, Maharishi ayurveda nutritional guidelines in practice. Meditations have been studied scientifically mainly by inserting brain-electric EEG sensors at different measurement points on the scalp to measure the variation in electricity in different parts of the brain. Most research is on transcendental meditation, during which the voltage differences between the measuring points are synchronized, ie the coherence increases.