Lucy Herzig audios and mantras are the easiest way to happiness
Lucy Herzig audios and mantras are the easiest way to happiness

Lucy Herzig subliminals and vedic mantra therapy in youtube 

1.Foreword: live and love the natural law

This article does not constitute any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment .

I want to tell people interested  in Lucy Herzig veritas , that "jump to headlines 5.1 and 5.7 "

Thousands of years in the past, in the vedic time, humans lived thankfully in complete concord with nature. Humans spontaneously ate the meals that best suited to them. In those times, the Indian seers, or rishis, sang the "joikus" they had learned from their fathers or discovered themselves. They praised for the diverse laws inside the coexistence of man and nature. "in case you do evil, nature will punish you," "in case you love, you may receive reciprocal love." Simple basic truths are still legitimate today, however man's evil thoughts and movements have poisoned and obscured man's "visionary faculties."  Mantra remedy i.e. making a song or listening to the ones "joikus" on youtube , for example , is the best and cheapest way to accelerate your own improvement each spiritually and bodily.

The word "joikus" comes from Finland, where some original Lapland people still sing their own traditional joiku hymns.

2. Techniques with the "Basic thing"

My quest for a seeker commenced forty years ago with transcendental meditation TM. It's far stated to be "the best first." sure TM is the very best and most primary fine meditation method i've skilled. 20 minutes twice a day is sufficient. It's miles taught with the aid of the international TM affiliation. There are also different primary meditation strategies in the marketplace, but I can't take a stand on them due to a lack of personal enjoy. Meditation is gaining knowledge of to enjoy and live the " present moment ".

3. How should Vedic "Joikus" be "used"?

3.1 Don't focus. Do not try to analyze or understand the meanings or melodies.

3.2 Let it sound freely and just be present. Sometimes you find your thoughts run far out.  In this case, you return to listening to the mantra lightly, softly and innocently

3.3 Do not work on anything, that requires effort or concentration while the mantra is playing. Do not drive while it is playing.

4. Where to get them from ?

4.1  The Maharishi Veda app costs five euros per month. It is best for the beginner because the products have been selected to suit the beginner. I especially like the "Hanuman Chalisa"  and gandharva veda music. Gandharva veda is also the greatest Ayurvedic dosha pacifier I know.

4.2 There are chants "every departure" on Youtube . For example, if you're having digestive problems, type "mantra for digestion" into a Google search. Google Search prints long rumps of rags, which you can then choose from.

5. Who is Lucy Herzig veritas ? and other meditation musicians I like ? 

5.1 I listen to digestive or Agni chants for eating disorder . Also Sapien medicine and Lucy Herzig offer very good weight management audios (digital). Scientific studies show, that listening to right audio subliminals helps also with treating  anorexia nervosa , cognitive problems , poor mental health and blood pressure .

5.2 I listen also to chants, that open the emotional life, such as a) mantras for heart chakra (anahata) and b) those of the MAGIC MANTRA producer.

5.3 Lord Shiva mattresses, which contain a very powerful, powerful Om namah shivaya , It is a vedic chant for good health .

5.4 Lord Hanuman mantras, especially suitable for the "reptiles" of life.

5.5 I like Laksmi chants,  most of which promise money and wealth.
5.6 I prefer Gayatri mantras, where the word gayatri is added to the mantra's name to point better health effectiveness .

5.7  Of the virtual or digital products I like Lucy Herzig and Sapien medicine audios the maximum. ( Herzig's inventive call is Subliminal Veritas ).  virtual audios are contemporary inventions without a connection to India . Most digital audios are made inside the U.S.A. . Herzig's vagus nerve pacifier can make moody person much less moody.  Herzig is also specialized in ladies beauty treatments like eyes rejuvenation . Sapien medicine has a clinical manner to give an explanation for the mechanisms of his audios whereas Herzig makes use of tons greater nature like language.  Herzig's products work so, that listener's subconscious mind hears beautiful affirmations or suggestions. Listener's conscious mind does not notice anything happening. At this moment Herzig is number one to me.

6. Some other remarks

6.1 The chants produced by "DHYAANGURU Dr. NIPUN AGGARWAL" are not healthy to hear because the said "Guru" is not trained in the Vedic tradition. I have tried to listen to them, but it just feels bad.

6 2 The Sanskrit language is always better than mantra cherished in other languages. Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. All words from all languages have symbolic meaning and sound meaning. In sanskrit both meanings are the same. 

6.3 Vedic mantras are very good, because they have maintained the ancient originality and purity. Their purpose is often good health . 

6.4 Treatment may contain evidence based material such as Lucy Herzig's and Sapien Medicine's.

6.5 Generally the favourite "joikus" changes every year as the consciousness gets more purity and clarity.

6.6 I, ayurvedakonsultti Kari Nokela, wrote this article totally alone in my one man home at Kuopio, Finland. Kuopio is a city of India-like free athmosphere. Nobody gave me tips about how and what to write. I have just a long personal meditation history behind.