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Mister. Kari Nokela (Kuopion Yliopisto University Graduated (M.Sc.) Physicist 1986, Finland) . Writer to Journal of bacteriology and infectous diseases 2020.

Nokela is scientific , but also a personality
Nokela is scientific , but also a personality

A normal childhood

until 1982 when he experienced a "sensational" spiritual awakening from Transcendental Meditation. Graduated from the University of Kuopio as a Bachelor of Philosophy in physics in 1986. The spiritual awakening continued through the Sidhi cource in 1987 and around the same time, with the contribution of Terho Palosaari, the science of Indian astrology was opened. Nokela did his "civilian job" as a teacher of math subjects around Finland. Nowadays, Nokela is already a retired "free lord".