Author is young in this age old image
Author is young in this age old image

Nokela | blogs | gender roles

I am a humorous wooden legend from Savo. Some even claim to have secretly laughed at my ideas. A healthy person is often identified with either a good sense of humor or an overflowing love and desire to help. So Kari Nokela is a wonder.

Blogs 1: Gandharvaveda music

Gandharvaveda is one of the forty subdivisions of Maharishi Ayurveda. It was started to be played by the rishis, the scholars of ancient Indian high culture. Gandharvaveda especially affects and enlivens emotional life through the limbic system. When emotions are balanced, other areas of life begin to develop as well. The most common instruments are sitar, tabla, shehnai, sarod and bamboo flute. The times of day are divided into 3 hour intervals and each period requires a very special Raga or genre in playing. Basically, emotions are strengthened no matter what instrument you play, but each dosha, or body type, has its own instrument. Pitta for sitar, sarod for kapha and vata-problem favorite instruments are bamboo flute and shehnai.

Blogs 2: Stapathyaveda or organic construction

Sthavathyaveda has information on building happy cities and happy homes. First of all, everything has to be built according to the town plan according to the main air directions. The front door of the house is best to open to either the north or east, but NOT to the south. In an apartment building, the trend of the main entrance is decisive. The dining room is well oriented towards the digestive tree in an increasing south direction.

Gender roles

God created a woman to cherish the most noble values, namely love and beauty. However, the woman needed a protector, so God created a man to do the so-called "dirty work," that is, to protect the woman from the forces of evil. Also e.g. the "tamasism" of housing construction remained with the man. According to the Veda humanity will be taken forward by the cooperation of the three Gunas. The already mentioned "tamas" will protect and slow down development if necessary. Thus, at some point in their lives, some people may have to eat "tamas" foods, such as meat. It is no wonder, then, that it is women who begin to walk the spiritual path more often than men. 

my life stage

Since I was a child, my stomach has been chronically confused. The stomach is still occasionally "carried" and the mood is sawing up and down at any time, as is often the case for the vata body type person. I was terribly sensitive until I was 45, but the last few years have strengthened me a lot.

At the age of 22, the "lamp" came on, meaning I took this meditation course. From there, step by step, different areas of the Vedic sciences opened up as if they had peeled an onion. Today, I make bets to the fullest extent possible. I don't go to this thing organized by this organization anymore, because ... let the reader guess heh heh. 

Humorist Nokela or not ?